Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hey, will it be the regular? Milk, I assure you.

Another round Joe. I used to play a game on my Apple IIGS called Tapper, where you had to run up and down rows of a honkeytonk to slide beers down the bar to the slowly progressing cowboys. If they go tot the end ofhte bar before they got a beer, they grabbed you and pulled you down the bar.

It was apparently a good thing that I played so much of that game... in preparation for this.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

standing and falling

Abel begins his love affair with ottomans. This particular piece of fine craftsmanship belongs to O'ma at her beach house. Here we see our fine young stander fight gravity and weak hamstrings.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

first product placement gig.

Abel's first product placement gig. If anyone responsible for the Wal-Born advertising budget is reading, please send me a check.


On the bed at the beach, Abel attempts, at the incessant prompting of his father, to Make a funny Face for Grandma. Bumblebees, hand flapping.... it's all here. Good stuff for a small screen newbie.

why this new post?

Because, well the whole point of this blog was to update you on the adoption of Abel. So, ahem, now that has happened as of this June........... I figured we'd tell you about how it is in real life, not when he is just an idea on paper..... a paperdoll if you will.

Plus, I have a new phone that supposedly I can just email and text to this blogsitespacebook.

Enjoy. (?)